About Us

Legit Loan Finder is a team of an online lending enthusiast. We have built a private group of online lenders that has 20K active members and counting.

We dedicate our group so we can help our fellow Pinoy to find legit cash loans online.

We are also active in helping members to avoid scammers. It is sad to realize that there are many online loan scammers on Facebook. One of our mission is to look for scammers in our group and blocked them.

Importantly, we have built this site as a legit loan directory for members.

Applying for a loan online is easy as 1 2 3. But we are also here to remind our folks to be wise enough in getting online loans.

Overall, our primary goal is financial freedom. We are not here to teach you how to apply for a loan forever. That’s why we are also sharing tips on how to make money online.